After several years of building momentum stemming from the Reconnecting Brookfi eld project followed by the 2010 designation of Brookfi eld as a DREAM community. Our work with the Missouri Dream program produced a comprehensive plan for Main Street moving forward. Click here (BrookfieldDowntownPlan.pdf) to view plan. Now is the time for the community to build on this success, and now is the time for the new Main Street Brookfield Team with the support of the Brookfield Area Growth Partnership (BAGP) and Brookfield Chamber of Commerce to build a better
future for Downtown Brookfield.

With the beautiful renovation of our historical Twin Parks complete, it is time to take downtown revitalization all the way down Main Street – until we meet Highway 36!


As a volunteer-run organization, Main Street Brookfi eld works with limited time and even more limited funds. To enrich current revitalization efforts taking place in the community, it is crucial to have dedicated and participatory community leadership. The Main Street program offers a template for just that: The Main Street Four Point approach is organized around these four committees.


Builds a governing framework that includes a diverse representation of business and property owners, citizens, schools, churches, public offi cials, chambers of commerce, historians and reservation organizations.

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Economic Vitality

Analyzes current market forces to develop long-term solutions; develops a business recruitment program while strengthening the competitiveness of existing merchants and service businesses.

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Enhance the visual attractiveness of downtown. This includes technical assistance and encouragement to building owners toward the restoration and rehabilitation of historic structures, improved streetscape features, street and alley cleanup, colorful banners and landscaping.

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Project a positive, unified image that identifies downtown as a public gathering place. Revitalization programs market the district and the community through a series of targeted activities.

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To create sustainable and long-lasting impacts for Brookfield’s Historical Downtown District, Main Street Brookfield’s efforts will focus on supporting these three primary objectives. Click here to see Map of the District

  • Create a viable and robust downtown business district. Provide residents with more retail options and services and keep money circulating within the community.
  • Improve image and re-establish downtown as the heart of the community. Unite community stakeholders to build on existing revitalization efforts, empower small business owners to operate in downtown, and offer residents a concrete sense of place.
  • Raise visibility along Missouri Highway 36 – Highway of American Genius. Establish Brookfield as a featured destination along the Highway of the American Genius, raising the visibility for Brookfield and its businesses.

By focusing on these primary objectives we fully expect to:

  • Make use of existing buildings.
  • Provide more employment opportunities, whether in retail, service, government, health care, or other sectors.
  • Expand the local tax base.
  • Prevent blight and abandonment
  • Improve the overall sustainability of Brookfield and Linn County


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